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Do you have the wordsmith abilities of a reincarnated Shakespeare?

Good for you, but it’s not enough.

Getting people to the bottom of the page is as much about your skill with presentation as it is about your gift for writing. To put it simply, your content needs to be easy to read as well as artfully worded.

We call this readability. It refers to how easy and even how pleasurable a particular text is to read, and it’s almost an entire branch of psychology unto itself. The readability of your content is essential to your visitor being able to easily understand and digest the content.

If readability is poor, you alienate customers. If its jargon is too complex, your message is lost in translation. If the text is tough to follow, visitors quit following.
If it’s too small, readers can’t read the message. All of these factors affect the way a reader can engage and react to your content. All of which could have a large impact on your sales, readership and community.

So how can you make your content more readable? Let’s take a look.

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