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Alina Teodora PopescuAlina Teodora Popescu, Community Manager
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Google has made it easy for anyone to get up and running with advertising and promote their websites instantly at any time. Which is great. But also it is usually at the expense of wasting clicks, and ultimately, your money. As Digital Marketing experts we know that achieving the most from our resources is a primary objective of effective online marketing.

But, how could you be sure that you are not wasting your budget with ineffective AdWords campaign settings?

These tips will help you better manage your AdWords account, improve your performance, save money per click and conversion, and ultimately get more from your AdWords advertising.

Using AdWords Editor

Although this is not a direct tip to optimising your AdWords account, I recommend using Google’s desktop software, AdWords Editor as it can save you a lot of time with your PPC optimisation.

All changes can be made offline before setting everything live at once, which is great for building up accounts. Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords can be expanded quickly with copy and paste commands.

AdWords Editor also allows you to bulk edit text (replacing text, prepending or appending text) and adjusting bids using multiplier rules. Some additional built in tools allow you to find duplicate keywords and group keywords by theme, helping to create a tightly optimised AdWords account.

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