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Alina Teodora PopescuAlina Teodora Popescu, Online Marketing Strategist at... (more)
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A lot of marketers work their arms and legs off in the pursuit of increased traffic, when there are often goldmines right in front of their eyes. One such goldmine is learning how to increase your CTRs.

Put another way, it’s a hell of a lot easier increasing your top performing post’s CTR from 3% to 6% than it is doubling your traffic through writing extra content or building extra links.

So how can we increase our CTRs? Below are a handful of experiments, case studies, and best practices on how you can make your search results more clickable.

To keep things interesting, I’ve only discussed tactics that will have an instant impact on increasing your traffic and CTRs. There are many good long-term strategies for increasing CTRs, such as focusing on building your brand, ranking higher for keywords, and developing your copywriting abilities, but today I just want to touch on the quick wins.

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SEO is an evolution, a process, an art.


Alina Teodora Popescu
Alina Teodora Popescu
Online Marketing Strategist at Caphyon
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